K Series Helical-bevel Gearmotor

Our helical-bevel gearmotors of Series K are an excellent choice for many applications that require compact drives with high efficiency. As they are especially low-maintenance they will reduce your costs in day-to-day operation.

K Series Helical-bevel Gearmotor
K Series Helical-bevel Gearmotor

Are you looking for a low-maintenance and largely wear-free but high torque drive solution? Then you are making the right decision with our helical-bevel gearmotors K. This is because we offer you gear units and motors combined as compact drive components: perfectly in tune with each other and adapted to your application.

Due to their design, our helical-bevel gear units are especially robust and low-maintenance. The reason for this is the high-endurance gearing and the high manufacturing quality of all component parts. Combine this helical-bevel gear unit with an AC motor and you get a powerful and compact helical-bevel gearmotor: with high efficiency and, depending on the energy efficiency class required, with a motor power range of up to 200 kW.

Irrespective of the application you wish to implement, the combination options for helical-bevel gear units K are diverse: wide range of gear unit ratios, foot or flange-mounted design for flexible installation and motor variants for energy efficiency classes IE1 to IE4.

Benefits of K Series Helical-bevel Gearmotor

  • Reduced operating costs: as the helical-bevel gearmotors are nearly wear-free and low-maintenance. In this way, you effectively reduce costs in operation.

  • High performance: as the gearmotors have a torque of up to 50 000 Nm.

  • Save energy: thanks to their high efficiency, our helical-bevel gearmotors are real energy savers.

Specifications of K Series Helical-bevel Gearmotor

Gear unit size: 19-187
Mamax Gear unit(Nm): 80-50000
Power (kW): 0.75-200

Applications of K Series Helical-bevel Gearmotor

  • Pallet conveyors
  • Belt conveyors
  • Chain conveyors
  • Hoists and lifting stations
  • Scissor lift tables
  • Freight elevators
  • Travel and lifting drives in stacker cranes

Engineering information

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